Sunday, 26 August 2012

Central London wedding photography / St. Mary's Church Battersea and Lansdowne Club wedding photography

Central London wedding photography is always a treat. Unlike destination wedding photography when I do Central London wedding photography travelling takes no time, I am familiar with most sites and I know my way around. This Central London wedding photography job was my first wedding in 2012 and I can say it was a very typical English wedding. The wedding ceremony started at St. Mary's church in Battersea in Central London and the rain was by default upon us. We were very lucky with the weather though as it started raining just as the bride was arriving in the church and the rain was over by the time the wedding ceremony finished. So it was very fortunate that it stopped by the time I had to take the family wedding photos outside the church. It was equally good fortune that the scaffolding of St. Mary's church was removed recently so it allowed for some beautiful family wedding photography in this Central London church. The cloudy weather provided lovely lighting and I was very pleased that we had plenty of time with Matt and Venetia to take some more artistic wedding photography on the stairs of the church. Wedding photography in Central London is not always easy to achieve as most churches do not have a beautiful garden or any garden at all. St. Mary's Church in Battersea however not only had a pretty garden but also a lovely view of the river. For a more English feel of the wedding photos we chose to do the artistic wedding photography on the side of the church with an interesting brick wall as a background. I love the combination of the brick and the bench as they gave that urban feeling to this wedding photography in Central London. The wedding party then preceded to the Lansdowne club which is a private members club in Central London for the wedding reception and ceremony. I always love doing wedding photography in the Lansdowne club ( as it's again a very typical English gentlemen club in Central London. It's perfect for a wedding ceremony not only due to its beautiful interior but also as it has a lovely courtyard which is perfect for a wedding reception. I couldn’t help but admire Venetia’s skill when I found out that she herself made the wedding cake.

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