Monday, 30 November 2009

Art photography for offices - Autumn in London parks

October was unusually sunny and warm in London and the trees only started to turn colour in early November so I made a few early morning stralls to capture some autumn impressions. These beautiful autumn background would be a perfect setting for some creative wedding photography for a future autumn wedding in Central London. With an autumn wedding next year in the Lansdowne Club wedding venue which is just a few minutes from Green Park I will certainly have the autumn artisitc colours as a prime location for the couple to shoot more more romatnic wedding photography.
For the time being these artistic landscape photography will be for my personal collection which I will show to the art photography galleries that deal with artistic photographic prints for offices.

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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Luxury Destination Wedding Photography Portugal

Having done destination wedding photography in Italy and destination wedding photography in Greece I was delighted to have the opportunity to be the wedding photographer in Portugal for Valentina and Roberto's wedding. I have never been to Portugal before so was looking forward to the event which starting with a fun pre wedding dinner for the friends and family. The wedding took place in a lovely village near Lisbon. The ceremony was in a cute church above sticking cliffs which subsequently presented a wonderful opportunity for some creative wedding photography shots. We were all very lucky with the weather which despite being October was very warm and the wedding day turned out to be a beautiful day with blue sky. The
The wedding reception was at a venue on the beach and had a beautiful vista the waves crushing in the rocks. The cuisine was exquisite and the party which went till late was absolute fun. After midnight a mysterious fog set in and as the venue was close to a lighthouse it presented another chance for some artistic wedding photography.
I now look forward to book another wedding photography in Portugal hopefully for one of Valentina's friends who is getting married next year.

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Iraqi Wedding photography in Central London

I recently had a very interesting Muslim Iraqi wedding photography in Central London which I was commissioned for being a female wedding photographer in London. The male and female celebration took place in separate location. Muslim wedding photography is often tricky, but the requirements for the wedding photography on this occassion were even strickter. So the wedding photography was quite challenging as I was not allowed to take any bridal photos outdoors, so I had to limit myself to the hotel corridor. But with some improvisation and some photoshop work with pastel colors I achieved this look of the bride which I particularly like.
The family wedding photography were also restricted to the interior of the hotel in Central London where the wedding took place so there was not as many opportunities to take some more creative wedding photography shots. Shortly after the exchange of vows the groom left the female wedding party to join the other men and I was left with the bride and all the female guests. As soon as the groom was gone the ladies removed the black covers and scarves and the place was an amazing display of beautiful women in exquisite designer clothes. And with a lot of belly dancing rythmes the gilrs seemed to have enormous fun even without the men.
Unfortunately due to client restrictions I can not post any wedding photography photos where one can see the bride's face but the brides was indeed gorgeously looking like a princess from another world in her intricate wedding dress.
Being a female wedding photographer in London I hope I have other opportunities to photograph Iraqi weddings or other Muslim weddings as they are totally different from the Christian wedding ceremonies and even from the Indian weddings with which I already have significant experience.

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