Monday, 14 December 2009

Artistic After Wedding Photography in Central London UK

Trash the Dress photography, rock the frock photography, after wedding photography or what I prefer to call cherish the dress photography has gained popularity over the last few years with brides deciding to do something unique with their wedding dress rather than let it sit hidden in the wardrobe. If you store it it’s already forgotten. No memories anymore. In wedding photography « Trash the Dress » is on the opposite end – it creates vivid memories, it is romantic, beautiful, glamorous… it is fine-art. For me Trash the Dress name however is not a representative description as we will certainly not destroy the dress. I prefer to refer to what I offer as a session of Creative wedding photography. I often offer a more creative photo session to the couple on the day after their wedding, but recently it’s been quite popular to do such photography on the couple’s wedding anniversary. The session offers unique opportunity for the bride to wear her gown again, but this time in a less stressful atmosphere.
Carolyn and Tim were very enthusiastic to brave the cold November weather and even braver to face the curious crowd that continuously surrounded us in Central London. We started just as the sun was disappearing and the sky in Trafalgar sq was still beautiful dark blue. It turned out that some of the theaters didn't work on Sundays and we couldn't utilise their beautiful lights as I have planned, but we found a close alternative in front of a hotel near Covent Garden. It was an unexpected good fortune to have found this bar in Covent garden which had this amazing red wall.

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