Friday, 8 November 2013

London materntiy photography session in the nature / Pregnancy photographer London

Pregnancy photography is a very personal type of photography for a woman especially when it comes to some more revealing photos. Undressing for the purpose of capturing some photographs is probably one of the last things on the mind of a heavily pregnant woman. Boudoir photography in London has been a growing trend for brides over the last years, but pregnancy photography has been increasing in popularity and even maternity boudoir photography.
Photographing moms-to-be while their bodies are going through such an amazing change is an important part of telling their story. My idea when doing pregnancy photography is for the woman to be able to see herself as beautiful, strong, and sexy. So I aim for the photos to be elegant and classy but also sexy.
The amount of time that women get to carry a baby is so very short in the grand scheme of our lives that it’s amazing to be able to capture that time to remember forever. It is recommended to do pregnancy photography in the 7th and 8th months when the belly is showing well enough without being too heavy so the length of time to capture this moment is quite short. Maternity photography is that much more challenging than ordinary portrait photography as almost any pregnant woman is conscious of the extra kilos and often needs special lighting and poses in order to achieve flattering elegant pictures in the last months of the pregnancy.
Very often woman do not consider maternity photography with a professional photographer until after the pregnancy when they realize they only have an occasional photo but nothing particular to portray that special time of their life. When doing pregnancy photography it’s important to do a lot of research beforehand to see what type of poses and attire you like most. It’s also important to discuss the ideas with the photographer. Some clients prefer very dark moody photos showing just the silhouettes of the belly while others prefer pregnancy photos outdoors in the nature.
Kelly has missed taking professional maternity photographs with her first pregnancy and was keen to capture this special moment with her second pregnancy. The big garden at her countryside house was the perfect nature setting for beautiful pregnancy photography shots. Having done most maternity photography in London in a studio it was a special treat to have a client who preferred to do outdoors pregnancy photography in London.
Pregnancy is beautiful, and something worth celebrating. How you choose to remember that special time is up to you. But if you’re feeling beautiful while pregnant I would be delighted to capture some maternity photographs either in a studio in Central London or outdoors with a natural background. 

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