Thursday, 25 July 2013

South of France wedding photographer / After wedding photography in Cote d’Azure

It was a pure pleasure to be the destination wedding photographer of this lavish wedding in the Cote d’Azure which was organized by the Monaco wedding planner Sabine from Avalon Event Organization ( And I was thrilled to be asked to be the event photographer for the after wedding event the following day when the couple have organized a brunch for all their guests. The celebration was again by this amazing pool where they have celebrated their wedding the previous night.  After a long wedding photography day the previous day I was certainly tired but the atmosphere was so relaxed, the guests so chilled out and as if the azure waters of the French Riviera have given me burst of energy. So I totally enjoyed photographing this after wedding event in the South of France.

The lilac and white flower decorations from the previous night were smartly refreshed with a splash of lemon which were from the private garden of the villa and gave a totally new look to the whole atmosphere. The arrangements looked classy without being too heavy. Just perfect for an after wedding celebration near Monaco.

The guests were leisurely nibbling their brunch and sipping refreshments with the background music of a traditional French band. And the beautiful flowers, the beautiful garden and the infinite blue colour of the sea was a dream surrounding.
I was only happy this was not my last wedding in South of France this season and I am looking forward to come back to the French Riviera for another wedding photography in Monaco later this year. Being a destination wedding photographer is the French Riviera is certainly the part of being a wedding photographer I totally love. 

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