Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Autumn Central London Wedding Photography

Autumn is one of my favourite months and what a feast for the eye are the autumn colours when you shoot an autumn wedding.
Diana is from Colombia and Aapo is from Finland and I was privileged to photograph one of their three weddings with the rest two being in Colombia and Finland. Diana and Aapo are one of the most down to earth couple I've photographed and their wedding was wonderfully laid back. Their Central London wedding was very intimate and the Finish wedding ceremony was held in a very small circle of the immediate family in a lovely Finnish church in Central London.
Thereafter we went to a nearby park by Tower Hill where we took the family photos. While the family was enjoying a pint of beer in an nearby pub we stayed with Diana and Aapo in the park and took some beautiful artistic wedding photography shots. As Diana and Aapo didn't want to have any posed wedding photography I used predominantly my long lens to capture these beautiful wedding photos in Central London. The autumn colours gave a really romantic feel to the wedding photography and even Diana's wedding dress matched the background colours.
After the wedding photography session in the park we all joined the family for a pint in the pub before heading for a very lovely informal dinner which was followed by a reception for all the friends. The wedding continued the day after the wedding ceremony as Diana and Aapo have organised an amazing BBQ for their friends in their house in Central London. It gave me yet another opportunity to continue with the wedding photography of this lovely couple. Not to mention the treat of an Argentinian steak personally cooked by an Argentian friend of theirs.
Looking through the photos I can say that summer weddings are beautiful and lush with greenery but autumn weddings can add another level of creativity to artistic wedding photography in Central London.

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