Thursday, 16 February 2012

Newborn baby photography in London

It was a pure joy to do this London newborn photography session a couple of weeks ago. The baby was so cute and when it was awake it was so calm and always smiling. During the whole baby photography session it didn't cry once. It's such a happy baby that I couldn't stop snapping away. Its blue eyes were an identical copy of the mom's eyes and were just mesmerising.
Kids are not easy to photograph as they are so active and their moods change a lot. Newborn photography and baby photography is slightly easier as the babies are not as mobile and you have more control of the situation. However they can still be very tempramental and they can cry a lot or smile at all. So it's not always as straightforward to capture a winner shot. Though on the plus side, all babies are adorable and this makes newborn photography easier.
It was a sunny winter day and the lighting was perfect so I didn't even have to set up my full lighting equipment that I have brought with me.

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