Thursday, 3 November 2011

Persian/Iranian-French Destination Wedding Photography in Monaco, Monte Carlo

During the summer one of my South of France destination wedding photography assignments was a Persian/Iranian-French wedding that took place in Monaco, Monte Carlo. The bride’s preparation and exquisite ceremony took place in Monte Carlo Bay Hotel which was followed by a lavish party in the legendary Hotel de Paris It was my first destination wedding photography job in Hotel de Paris, which doesn’t require advertising. I was privileged to photograph a wedding in this outstanding Monaco wedding venue.

It was also my first time to be the wedding photographer for a Persian/ Iranian wedding. I was intrigued by the decorations displayed in front of the couple during the ceremony. Therefore following this amazing destination wedding photography opportunity in South of France I searched the internet on Persian/Iranian wedding traditions.

The wedding photos below show most of the objects that were displaced at the wedding ceremony. There is a mirror (of fate) "Aayeneh-ye Bakht" and two candelabras (representing the bride and groom and brightness in their future) one on either side of the mirror. There is a tray of seven multi-coloured herbs and spices "Sini-ye Aatel-O-Baatel" to guard the couple and their lives together against the evil eye, witchcraft and to drive away evil spirits. There is a specially baked and decorated flatbread "Noon-e Sangak" with blessing "Mobaarak-Baad" written in calligraphy on it. There are almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts to symbolize fertility. There is a basket of pomegranates and/or apples for a joyous future, a cup of rose water extracted from special Persian roses "Gol-e Mohammadi" to perfume the air, a bowl made out of crystallized sugar "Kaas-e Nabaat/Shaakh-e Nabaat" to sweeten life for the newly wed, a brazier "Manghal" holding burning coals sprinkled with wild rue "Espand" a popular incense, a scarf or shawl made out of silk or any other fine fabric to be held over the bride and bridegroom's head throughout the ceremony by various happily married female relatives. A needle and seven strands of coloured thread to figuratively sew up the mother-in-law's lips from speaking unpleasant words to the bride! (I like this one – I think should be introduced to all wedding ceremonies). The shawl that is held above the couple's head and in the beginning of the ceremony is sewed in one corner by the needle and threads. And there is certainly a copy of the Holy Book.

The wedding was immaculately organised again by Frank and his team from Monte Carlo weddings Unfortunately due to client’s request for privacy I’m not allowed to publish any of the couple’s wedding photos, which is a pity as the couple was beautiful and it was a beautiful destination wedding in

For South of France.

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  1. Amazing Wedding location and decoration. I Would like to see the couple also.

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    1. Unfortunately for confidentiality reasons I'm now allowed to display the photos of the couple. It's really a pity.