Sunday, 24 July 2011

Pregnancy Photography Session London

I believe the time of pregnancy is a very unique period in every woman's life and I think it's amazing to be able to capture these special moments through a pregnancy photography session. A few months ago I've photographed Maria and Rasheed a month before their baby was born. Maternity photography is a very intimate thing and I'm glad that Maria felt comfortable with me to photograph her during the last stage of her pregnancy as pregnancy photography in London has only recently started to be popular. I was planning to include Rasheed in the last set of photos, but he happily jumped in front of the camera and it was amazing how expressive he was in front of the camera when he was kissing Maria's tummy. So we turned the pregnancy photography session into a family photo shoot in the studio in London.
Maternity photography and pregnancy photography sessions are ideally done during the 7 and 8 month of pregnancy but I have recently had another maternity photography session in London where the girl was also in her last month of pregnancy and we still managed to do some lovely maternity photography in color and B&W.

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