Monday, 20 May 2013

Newborn baby photography in Central London / Wapping baby photographer

While in the past my experience as a baby photographer in London was enjoyable, now that I’m a mom myself I love photographing newborn babies. I’m so happy that besides being a wedding photographer in London I’m now also a baby photographer in London! Newborn baby photography is challenging, but it’s so amazing to hold those little bundles that are just so adorable.
Very often parents do not think about newborn baby photography until the baby is born and by then it’s often too late for those gorgeous photos of the curled up baby. So a big advice to anybody planning baby photography in London is to schedule the newborn photo session prior to the baby’s birth to ensure that I (or any other photographer you hire) am available.
When I speak with the expecting parents I always ask them to contact me as soon as the baby arrives as I do need at least couple of days’ notice. Newborn photos take place within the first 14 days after the baby is born. However, best results are achieved when the baby is between 3-7 days old as they are sleepy enough to allow to be moved around easily in different positions. After day 14, it’s almost impossible to get baby into that deep sleep nor put them into the curled newborn poses as they start to stretch a lot.
I offer baby photography in Central London and East London either in the client’s house or at my place where I have big windows and a lot of natural light. I found natural light is always much more flattering whether you are a baby or a model but also a home environment where you can put the heating up is much more relaxing than a big studio that may be less well heated.
An important tip before the newborn photoshoot is for the baby to be tired so he can go to a deep sleep once we start shooting so my advice is to keep the baby awake for as long as possible before the baby photo session. And a nice big feed just before the newborn photos will be the best completion for having a happily sleepy baby for a newborn baby photography session.
I have a collection of props including baskets, blankets, knit hats and headbands that I use during a newborn photography in London. However I always encourage clients to include in the photos any props they may have in order to make the images unique. Although I’ve been a newborn baby photographer in London for some time and I have plenty of ideas for newborn baby photos I always welcome ideas, suggestions or requests from parents and I’ll do my best to provide the results. 

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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Wedding Photographer in London at Central London wedding venue - the Founding Museum / London Wedding Photography

Following a job of wedding photography in Trinity House where I’m a preferred photographer at this central London wedding venue, I was glad to be recommended to the Foundling Museum.  Jozie who is the Wedding and Events coordinator approached me to take some wedding photography shots for their new website and marketing materials.
I have not been to the Foundling museum until I got approached for this wedding photography job but I was pleasantly surprised by the rich interior and the abundance of art the museum owned. The Foundling museum ( has a wedding licence and is a central London wedding venue that has a lot to offer to wedding couples who are looking for a wedding venue with a difference but nevertheless in Central London.
The museum is set over four floors and is able to accommodate ceremonies and receptions for up to 200 guests. It provides the perfect backdrop for romantic wedding celebration in Central London. The Court Room accommodates up to 50 guests for a civil ceremony and is an ideal setting for an intimate celebration. The Picture Gallery room is a magnificent setting for a larger wedding. It is decorated with some Britain’s great art treasures, providing an exquisite location for a wedding ceremony. The Picture Gallery room can accommodate up to 100 guests for a civil ceremony and 200 guests for a reception. Guests are invited to enjoy a champagne reception throughout the Museum, exploring the collections and the internationally important eighteenth century artwork. The Foundling Hospital Collection spans four centuries and contains paintings, sculpture, prints, manuscripts, furniture, clocks, photographs and ephemera. The Museum houses the Gerald Coke Handel Collection, which is one of the largest privately-owned collections of Handel memorabilia.
Besides the museum there is a lovely small park which can be perfect for wedding photography of the couple or for the more formal family portrait photos. And for more creative London wedding photography the Foundling museum offers the perfect location in Central London – it’s within minutes of several London landmarks which can be the perfect background for wedding photography in London. 
Being a wedding photographer in London is a privilege but also a challenge to always found new ways of creatively representing one’s wedding in a classic but creative way. So I am always on the lookout of hidden parts of London and parts that I don’t know in the Fitzrovia and Bloomsbury areas in Central London. And I’m certainly happy to work with a new and interesting wedding venue in Central London. And I look forward to a wedding photography job in this unique wedding venue in London. 

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Sunday, 5 May 2013

London Event Photography at the Dorchester hotel for the Iran New Year Nowruz celebration / Corporate Event Photographer in London

I was honoured enough to be the wedding photographer in Monaco for two high end Iranian weddings and I was glad that the mother of the bride from one of these Persian weddings was satisfied with my work and commissioned me to do be the event photographer in London for the Iranian Heritage Foundation which organized the Iranian New Year celebration in March. From my experience the decorations at Persian celebrations have a lot of meaning and I was in for a treat when I saw the beautiful settings. It was not surprising that everything was more glamorous than I expected as this luxury event to celebrate the Persian New Year took place in the famous Dorchester hotel in Central London. It was very interesting for me to read about all the different symbols in the arrangements and I’m glad to share with you what I read.
The Persian New Year is called Nowrūz which means The New Day. Nowruz is celebrated and observed principally in Iran but has spread in many other parts of the world. Originally being a Zoroastrian festival, and the holiest of them all, Nowruz marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the year in the Iranian calendar. It usually occurs on March 21 - the day the Sun crosses the celestial equator and equalizes night and day, signifying the Spring Equinox.
There were several lavish arrangements in the rooms and each had its own significance. These displays were originally called Haft Chin and included seven items but nowadays various items are displayed and they are all full of symbolism. There was a small pond with golden fish which represents the animals but also has the meaning of life within life and is connected with the fact that the Sun leaves the sign of Pisces. In the pond there were golden coins representing wealth. The pond was surrounded with grass which was decorated with garlic representing the medicine, dates and nuts. There was a big display of various bowls of fruits and vegetables. Among them apples seemed to have the most meaning as representing the Earth or according to other interpretation symbolising beauty. There was another display of various nuts, sweets and bags of wheat which symbolises the plants but also carries the meaning of rebirth. Other items that carried symbolism were candles symbolising the fire or according to other interpretation enlightenment, mirrors symbolising the sky but also had the meaning of cleanness and honesty, golab (the rose water) represented the water but is also believed to have magical cleansing powers. And everywhere there were beautiful flower arrangements.
The table decorations in the ball room were equally impressive in their glamour but what else can one expect for a high end event in the Dorchester hotel for such an important celebration like a New Year party?
When the guests started arriving I was dazzled by the beautiful outfits and the beautiful women wearing the beautiful dresses. Unfortunately due to the confidentiality agreement with the client I’m not allowed to show photos of the guests of this event photography in the Dorchester hotel but each guest looked stunning. I’ve read that like for any high end event the Iranian people often buy new clothes for a celebration like the Nowruz New Year.
To be the event photographer in the Dorchester hotel in London was not only a privilege but also a very interesting experience as it was London event photography that I can say I haven’t done before. It was an amazing experience to see and photograph new traditions. I love doing wedding photography in London but London event photography has its highlights and interesting sides.

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